POSTED March 13, 2020

As many of you have noticed, I have carefully watched the growing concern over Covid-19, as well as talked to other Event Directors. As the threat grows, the right thing to do becomes apparent!

We all love our Dance Family dearly. But as dancers, we have no “Social distance” to implement. We are face-to-face, or elbow-to-elbow whether on the floor or sitting in the audience. We can’t avoid shaking hands (and elbow leads just won’t do). Within just one weekend, dancers can easily send a virus from the East to West Coast, as well as to Florida, Canada and beyond.
Nearly all of us are young enough and healthy enough to survive an infection. But this isn’t just about our dance community. We must now be mindful to the bigger community outside our dance events.
Sadly, but with a great sense a responsibility, Tulsa Spring Swing 2020 is canceled (potentially rescheduled TBD). Please act responsibly, mindful that it’s our responsibility to do the right things that protect others.  See you in 2021 (or before)!
Jeanne DeGeyter
Tulsa Spring Swing Event Director

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