GREAT WORKSHOPS all weekend long!

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Fri-7:00… “Moves that make Sounds” with Taletha

…Lay your best moves, footwork & body isolations right on top of the music. In this workshop, you will learn some of the common trends in music and a few moves and movements to match them. You will also learn how to make your monotone moves and movements show up through the art of contrast.

SAT 11:30…“ISO-lize Your WCS” with Taletha
Not a Partner workshop

 $15/$20 per person (Not included in the Event Pass)… Limited to first 25 dancers
Walk-ins accepted ($20), but to guarantee your spot
, sign up online ($15) or prepay Friday night ($20).

…Whether you are a leader, follower or flip roles, learn stylize with body isolations, footwork, and arms within your own space to accent lyrics, breaks, and common repetitions in music. You will walk away with styling maneuvers that can be adjusted quickly and easily to match different types of musical accents. Q & A is also a big part of this class so bring your questions and I’ll do what I can to get them answered.

Sat-1:00… “Balance Your Energy” with Taletha

Quality of movement” is one of the main components that distinguishes a beginner dance from an advanced dancer. Learn secret drills needed to move more smoothly with and without a partner. Find your movement power points and learn how your body can demonstrate speed & energy changes and create contrast within patterns and styling.

Sat-2:00… “Making Moments” with Taletha

Patterns are fun and all but, Hey leaders! What the ladies really want are those moments to shine in between. Learn a few set-ups that put a smile on her face because YOU are that guy who makes her shine. Followers, adding some extra flare to a simple extension that will blossom his idea into a memorable moment.

Sat-3:00… “Get Your Groove Thang” with Terry

…Just dancing the steps isn’t enough. Find the soul for your soles! The ability to match your dance rhythm to the music rhythm is key to musical interpretation and movement.  So bring your laid back self to this workshop to get down with the music.

Sat-7:00… “Back to the Future” with Taletha 

…The Power of Love goes to the hottest dance crazes! We all want to learn the newest!! But wait, you mean those aren’t new? They’ve been done before? That’s right! Come learn of some of the “newest” westie maneuvers that pay respect to our forefathers and mothers of swing.