The GREAT Dances are worth the Wait!! by Jeanne DeGeyter

The GREAT Dances are worth the Wait!!  by Jeanne DeGeyter

Has your heart been swept off the dance floor by a leader who…

…without words, spoke eloquently through the tips of his fingers, and took you places you’ve never been?  …listened so carefully to your eyes and body, knowing you felt the music in new and innovative ways, and was not afraid to go there with you?  …through the lightest touch of his fingertips, pressed the “soul” of your feet into the rhythm of his “souls”?  …caused others to stop and notice your dancing, but you never noticed anyone else in the room for those few minutes?  …took your breath away?

Have you had the pleasure to dance with a great follower who…

…through the connection in her fingertips, listened closely to every word not spoken.  …moved so effortlessly, her body always in “synch” with your lead, that it felt like she was reading your mind?  …whether in open or closed position, you could feel the “souls” of her feet in your hand, as she danced with you, moving to the same beat and rhythm, not on her own.  …made you laugh just because of the enjoyment you see in her eyes and the play in her dance?  …left you realizing that dancing is a road to travel and well worth the bumps and dips along the way?

These dances are not frequent for many of us, but …oh, my! they ARE the reason we dance!!!  And you never know just when or where you may be swept off your dance feet.  But to be at the right place, at the right time,…keep dancing, keep practicing, and for goodness sake, go out of town to dance!!!