Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned in Dance Class by Jeanne DeGeyter


  •  Always communicate clearly and in advance—the response and cooperation is much better
  • Learn to be a good communicator by being a good listener.
  • Pay attention to your partner; Eye contact always helps.
  • A smile calms the most nervous of hearts.
  • Never let ‘em see you sweat!
  •  Always keep a clean shirt (or two) handy, just in case you are not one of those “cool” guys after a couple of hours.
  • Lead with your center, not your hands or your feet.  (God brought Eve forth from Adam’s rib, rather than his foot—that has to have some relevance.)
  • Lead from your heart, located just above your center.
  • Leading is merely a suggestion; Following is simply cooperation.
  •  Lead gently, don’t pull; Follow gracefully, don’t pull.
  •  Let it happen, don’t make it happen.  Some of the greatest moments were never planned.
  • Better to be clean & concise, than fancy & faulty.
  • Lead gently and with commitment, and she’ll follow you anywhere.
  • Always be forgiving and forgetful; assume everyone does their best and will be better next time.
  • Always ask yourself, “What can I do to make this better?” Always ask your partner, “What do you need from me?”
  •  There are 3 dimensions to every great dance: the leader, the follower and the music—all should be enjoyed.
  • When we learn to communicate, we learn first to form words and understand sentences.  And as we grow, we interact with others, taking turns talking and listening.  But in our peak, we engage in exciting and challenging conversations where ideas and thoughts are exchanged simultaneously within an ebb and flow of thoughts and expressions.  Learning to communicate in dance is exactly the same.
  • Every dance is a three-minute relationship; but we dance for the occasional three-minute love affair that moves our heart.